Date de l'actualité
14 Feb 2019

Market release of a creative technical solution for heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems, characterized as completely invisible, silent and with unmatched thermal comfort, took place in March 2018 as as a result of more than a year and a half of technical development. Based on a model of Barrisol stretch ceiling - the world leader of stretch ceiling - Barrisol Clim system allows to heat, air-condition and ventilate rooms via air diffusion along the walls (1) and radiant warmth of the entire stretched ceiling surface (3). These two phenomena generate in the volume of a room a very slow movement of natural air (2) that is imperceptible to a human being. An individual, staying in the room, is enfolded by a gentle feeling of warmth and freshness, in the utmost silence and without drafts. Barrisol Clim product line has been developed specifically for thermal diffusion with peripheral fixing profile made of 100% recyclable aluminium and of Biosource fabric produced from grain substance.Thanks to its patented perforated form, the profile allows an air flow between the volume of a ceiling void and a treated room. Compatible with other existing Barrisol solutions, Barrisol Clim ceiling can integrate handling of a room’s lighting and acoustics, it can also take three-dimensional shape and be printed out accumulating all the technical functionalities used for the treatment of a room. Thus, Barrisol Clim system allows architects and designers to achieve a design of their choice without restraints related to installation of unattractive technical equipment! Initially in charge of development of air diffusion and thermal systems, Cyber Fluides currently carries out system calibration studies for each project via digital simulation of airflows providing technical assistance to technicians and engineering companies. In December 2018 Cyber Fluides et Barrisol were awarded a prestigious Janus of Industry prize and the first prize in Sustainability Contest which took place within the international competition Solar Décathlon (as part of BATIKOOL team, France). Barrisol Clim technology is already implemented in numerous projects and enjoys growing popularity around the world.