Drawing up BIM procedures and contracts

- BIM coordination of architectural and engineering team

Digital model compilation, analysis and follow up

Thermal Studies

- Mandatory thermal studies

Volumetric thermal studies in compliance with a digital model

Thermal dynamic simulations


Diagnostic analysis of existing buildings

Elaboration of improvement solutions

Thermal studies :  current to projected state

Estimated costs of works and runback time calculation

Energy Audit
Fluid dynamics analysis

Thermal envelope conception

Systems and networks conception

General and synoptic diagrams of an installation fully put into operation

Fluid flows estimations


Thermal regulations and certificates

Fluid flows procedures and technologies

BIM projects management

Training courses
Fluid flows reference file

Descriptive and quantitative files of fluid dynamics

2D ou 3D fluid plans

Business proposals analysis and validation suggestions


Algorithm and control system layout

Air diffusion process solutions

Research and Development
Fluid flows installations management

- Execution plans before works

- Visas for documents

Follow up of fluid flows installations

Reception of fluid flows installations